Vases for fruits in — bohemia cut crystal E-shop

Vases for fruits in — bohemia cut crystal E-shop

A stylish solution for a modern dining room

No good host wants to clutter up his home with trinkets, especially if their role is insignificant. After all, the decor should be practical and functional, combine several options. This rule primarily applies to the kitchen space, which should remain stylish and cozy, while not being devoid of interesting little things. And one of the decorative and functional attributes of a modern kitchen space is a fruit vase.

Why buy a fruit vase? The vase in which the fruits are stored is not only a decorative detail, but also a practical item. It can become the number one object on the festive table, it can also be used to serve sweets to the table. And the fruits themselves, stylishly and harmoniously laid in such a vase, will become a real decoration of the interior due to bright colors and fresh natural aroma. The fruit vase has a special role — to attract the attention of all family members and thus remind of the need to replenish the supply of vitamins.

In E-shop you can buy Bohemia Crystal vases for fruits made in the Czech Republic, decorated with molding smalt, gold and classic hand-cut:!

Bohemian glass is hand-blown by Czech glassblowers from a special composition, which includes not only sand, but also metal oxides, so it is light and crystal clear, just like crystal has reflections in the sun. Different metals are added to the glass to give it a color from red, green to blue and azure, and they also use a new technology to burn different shades on the glass itself.

Varieties of vases for storing fruit Like any useful decor, fruit vases can be very interesting, unusual and varied. They are made from a large number of materials and can be presented in various shapes, colors, variations.


Modern manufacturers strive to achieve an optimal result, therefore they provide a large number of products in a wide variety to the market.

  • Ceramics look stylish and expensive, and do not require any special maintenance. The downside is the high cost and relative fragility.
  • Earthenware is cheap, perfectly accentuates the interior. Minus — the appearance is simpler than, for example, porcelain.
  • Wood. Such products have a long service life and a pleasant cost. Minus — not suitable for storing juicy fruits due to the ability to absorb moisture.
  • Crystal has an exquisite and noble appearance, ideal for fruits that have a bright rind. Bohemia Crystal is ideal.
  • Glass, porcelain. The materials are not cheap, but they are ideal for any style pictures of kitchens.